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An unbelievably fruity shelf life - BerrySorb Fruit Pads

BerrySorb® Absorbent Fruit Pads are designed specifically to aid the long term freshness of soft fruits such as raspberries and blackberries.

BerrySorb® has been newly redeveloped for 2019 using Imprezzio technology with an embossed topcoat to give excellent cushioning allied to micro perforations that wick the water droplets away within microseconds.

Available in pad and reel-fed formats, BerrySorb® is the fastest, most cost effective, way of reducing fungal rot and food wastage.

  • Instant absorbency of fungal droplets
    Instant absorbency of fungal water droplets
  • Cushioned topcoat
    Cushioned topcoat - Dryline Imprezzio
  • 800+1500ml
  • Available in pads or rolls
    Available in pads or rolls
  • Available in many colours
    Available in many colours
Berrysorb Absorbent Fruit Pads

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