Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric

Elliotts introduce innovative new nonwoven fabric range.

Elliott Absorbent Products are now able to offer 20 or 40ft. container prices, direct, on nonwovens, with fast turnaround.

Elliott’s spunbond nonwoven fabrics are made using 100% polypropylene materials, which are molten at high temperatures and spun into a web, before being thermally bonded.

By supplying spunbond fabrics with innovative multilayer technologies, Elliotts are able to offer fabrics with better physical properties, and more homogeneous fibre distribution on the surface.

Their range of spunmelt nonwoven fabrics use layers of meltblown nonwoven, sandwiched between layers of spunbond, providing a very high density web of fine fibres, suitable for applications requiring filtration of particulates, bacteria, or fluids.

Both their spunbond and spunmelt nonwovens are available as laminated and coated fabrics, providing versatile products with a waterproof layer that is breathable, soft, and suitable for printing.

Managing Director, Matt Hankins explains, “With a portfolio that includes laminated and coated nonwoven fabrics, 100% polypropylene spunmelt and spunbond nonwovens, plus printed spunbond, we are able to supply innovative solutions for a wide variety of end users including, medical, hygiene, agriculture, packaging, workwear, construction materials, and home textile industries”.

Please email us at sales@elliottabsorbents.co.uk to discuss your nonwoven fabric requirements, or for further information on our wide range of available nonwoven fabric treatments and finishes.

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