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Slit/Rewind Service

Within the factory is our state of the art, Slitter/Rewinder, capable of sub-contract work where precision and quick turnaround are vital. Specialists in the conversion of mother reels in paper and non-woven, we offer an unrivalled service in our BRC/IOP Clean-room environment.


  • BRC/IOP Premises
  • Unwind to 1.7m Web
  • Unwind to 1.8m O/D
  • Unwind up to 1.1mt
  • Rewind up to 1100mm O/D to 50mm+ slit widths
  • Crush Core Recovery Service

Padding Service

We have a long standing reputation in the field of Off-Line Padding solutions. We can deliver a customised padding solution to meet the needs of both ‘pick and place’ robotics as well as cut and place reel-fed demands.

We are also in a position to source hi-speed, accredited padding facilities where trays need padding fast.


We can laminate a variety of non-wovens to paper and polymer substrates up to 1.7m web path.

Food applications are particularly welcome projects.

  • Airlaid to film lamination
  • Lamination services
  • Flexible to non woven lamination

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