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Elliotts announce launch of clinical absorbent pad

Following a surge in sales in the UK & Ireland, Elliott Absorbent Products is launching its medical absorbent pad Bulksorb® to clinical sectors globally. The medical pad has enjoyed unprecedented sales in 2015 in Ireland as it provides a safe, easy solution for transportation and disposal of clinical waste that complies with UN regulations.

Bulksorb® meets standards within UN regulations when dealing with hazardous substances and materials, meaning clinicians can be confident that Bulksorb® will meet the needs of any professional clinical and medical practice. The pad is used to line sharps bins allowing correct segregation, storage and disposal of clinical waste.

The Bulksorb® pad uses a thermal seal rather than glue, making it both environmentally friendly and chemical free at the seal. Its lightweight properties and super-thin core rival its competitors, offering carbon savings in transport and ethical benefits.

Matt Hankins, Managing Director of Elliott Absorbent Products, commented: “Our unique product is highly beneficial for the medical sector, reflected in our success in the UK & Irish market. I’m surprised so few clinical settings seem to know about what they need to do to meet the regulatory requirements for clinical waste disposal.

“The product’s USPs and competitive price point means it is an attractive proposition, and we have ambitious plans to penetrate a wider market.”

Elliott Absorbent Products is expecting to achieve global sales worth over £3 million by 2017 and is actively seeking qualified re-sellers and users on a global scale.

For further information on Elliott Absorbent Products and Bulksorb®, email or phone (+44)1706643122.

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