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Elliott Absorbent Products are fully operational while we are in lockdown, ensuring our manufacturing sites keep running to make sure you keep getting your goods during these unprecedented times.

As standard, we are observing government lockdown guidelines & regulations and have COVID-19 protocols in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our staff. We continue to support the essential food packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

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Heat resistance for chilled meat providers - OvenPads Meat Resistant Pads

OvenPads® Almohadillas Resistentes al Calor son unas almohadillas absorbentes que son capaces de ser calentadas en horno convencional dentro de una bandeja.

Con una capa superior de aluminio y base de celulosa pegados con nuestro adhesivo horneable, OvenPads® Almohadillas Resistentes al Calor son almohadillas absorbentes que aguantan temperaturas de 230°c durante 2-3 horas sin riesgo (sujetos a pruebas comerciales)

Disponibles en formato de almohadilla o bobina con 1500ml por metro cuadrado, como estándar, con otras absorbencias disponibles a petición.

  • Aluminium foil topcoat
    Capa superior de aluminio
  • 230°C for 2.5 Hour
    230°c durante 2.5 horas
  • 1500+3000ml wpu standard
    1500ml + 3000ml nivel de absorbencia estándar

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