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Elliott Absorbent Products are fully operational while we are in lockdown, ensuring our manufacturing sites keep running to make sure you keep getting your goods during these unprecedented times.

As standard, we are observing government lockdown guidelines & regulations and have COVID-19 protocols in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our staff. We continue to support the essential food packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

An incredibly ice-cool absorbent - BulkSorb Fish Pads

La gama de BulkSorb® Almohadillas de Pescado ha crecido a nivel mundial para la transportación de pescado y hasta para usos médicos.

BulkSorb® está desarrollado con un centro ultra fino de alta absorbencia que permite una enorme reducción de la huella de carbono comparado con absorbentes tradicionales que usan airlaid, celulosa y polímeros superabsorbentes.

Recientemente hemos logrado un mejoramiento de 60% en almacenamiento y transporte para un gran fabricante europeo de cajas de EPS (poliestireno expandible).

BulkSorbPad SizeFilm ColourPer BoxBoxes per pallet*Pads per pallet*

(*Números basados en palet de 1200mm x 1200mm)

  • Large range
    Gama amplia
  • Bespoke sizes on request
    Diferentes tamaños a petición
  • 600-6000ml+
    450ml - 6000ml+
  • Massive absorbencies per pad
    Absorbencias masivas por almohadilla
BulkSorb BulkSorb

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