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An incredibly ice-cool absorbent - BulkSorb Fish Pads

BulkSorb® Absorbent Fish Pads

Reduce your carbon footprint by 60%, when shipping & storing absorbent pads!

Fully complies to UN.3373.
Absorbent components in transit packaging.

The BulkSorb® Absorbent Fish Pads range has grown on a worldwide scale from wholesale fish transportation to medical applications.

BulkSorb® is developed using a super thin, high absorbent, core which allows a huge reduction in carbon footprint compared to traditional absorbers using airlaid, cellulose, and super absorbent fibre (SAF).

The BulkSorb® range absorbs water through a semi-permeable non-woven base, and retains liquid with a super strong, proprietary edge seal. Hydrate and freeze for ‘ice cool’ wholesale fish transportation.

High performance, sealed edge pads!

BulkSorb® sealed edge pads are designed to meet the demand for a high performance pad, capable of absorbing large volumes of water, while standing up to the rigours of road, air, and sea freight transportation, thus helping to deliver fresh fish in pristine “just caught” condition.

The liquid exudations from fresh protein food sources pose a significant bio-hazard in the form of heavy micro bacterial contents. Absorbent pads form a defending barrier against the protein source being left in direct contact with this hazard and, thus, help extend shelf life and improve food safety.

We recently achieved a 60% improvement in storage & shipping for a large Euro EPS box manufacturer!

BulkSorb®Pad SizeFilm ColourPer BoxBoxes per pallet*Pads per pallet*

(*Numbers based on 1200mm x 1200mm pallet)

Contact sales@elliottabsorbents.co.uk to order your BulkSorb® sample pads today!

  • sealed edge pad
    With new Infinity-Core™
  • Large range
    Large range
  • Bespoke sizes on request
    Bespoke sizes on request
  • 600-6000ml+
    450ml - 6000ml+ per pad range
  • Massive absorbencies per pad
    Massive absorbencies per pad
BulkSorb Absorbent Fish Pads BulkSorb Absorbent Fish Pads

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