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Heat resistance for chilled meat providers - OvenPads Meat Resistant Pads

OvenPads® Absorbent Heat Resistant Pads provide an absorbent pad capable of being heated by conventional ovens within the tray.

With a genuine aluminium top coat and pure cellulose base, allied to our ovenable glue, OvenPads® Heat Resistant Pads deliver an absorbent pad that can withstand 230°C for 2-3 hours without risk (subject to customer trials).

OvenPads® Absorbent Heat Resistant Pads are available in pad or reel format with 1500ml per square meter, as standard, with other absorbencies available on request.

  • Aluminium foil topcoat
    Aluminium foil topcoat
  • 230°C for 2.5 Hour
    230°C for 2.5 Hour
  • 1500+3000ml wpu standard
    1500ml + 3000ml Water Pick Up (WPU) standard

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