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Maintaining freshness for the end user - Unidry Meat Pads

Unidry® Absorbent Meat Pads

Unidry® Absorbent Meat Pads

UniDry® Absorbent Meat Pads are sealed edge pads, produced for use within retail packs, that enclose all of the absorbent from any potential outage to the food area.

The UniDry® range locks away harmful, bacteria-rich, liquids and maintains a fresh and clean protein pack for the end user.

UniDry® Absorbent Meat Pads have become increasingly desired within Europe and are available in a wide range of standard colours with special colours available on request.

UniDry® with new Infinity-Core™. Airlaid and SAF cannot be made commercially above 12000ml* (Distilled water*) without dust and heavy usage of natures resources. The Infinity-Core™ range is ultra thin and yet absorbs blood under load up to and beyond an equivalent of 26000ml* (Distilled water*) of Airlaid / SAF using our proprietary hydrogen bonded / SAP core. Infinity-Core™ shows massive improvements in yield and carbon footprint to standard Airlaid and SAF.

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Introducing the new, eco-friendly, UNIDRY® absorbent pad!

  • With new Infinity-Core™
  • Many sizes & absorbencies
    Many sizes & absorbencies, 10000 - 26000ml* (Distilled water*)
  • White & colours
    Pads and reels in white & colours
  • Sealed edge for maximum freshness
    Sealed edge for maximum freshness and 2/3 the thickness of standard Airlaid + SAF
  • Many sizes & absorbencies
    Standard Infinity-Core™ pad is 100mm x 135mm at 12000 Airlaid / SAF equivalent

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