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Food industry leaders in absorbent product packaging

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Estabished in 1984, Elliott Absorbent Products are world leaders in premier service, fast turnaround and customer orientated manufacturing of food and medical absorbents.

Our range of products include fruit pads, fish pads, meat pads and oven pads that help to preserve the freshness of food products.

With our dedicated BRC certified facility, at the heart of the motorway network, Elliott Absorbent Products can meet your leadtime and short order demands.

Elliott Absorbents have unrivalled experience in designing food contact packaging solutions that safeguard the food and retailers confidence in their case ready solutions.

Let us be your partner in designing your next absorbent solution. With over 30 years of worldwide retail and food transit experience, we will not let you down.

Matt Hankins
Managing Director

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DryLine® Meat Pads are an essential health and hygiene addition designed for the control of leaks ...


UniDry® Meat Pads are sealed edge pads, produced for use within retail packs, that enclose all ...


DryLeaves® Meat Interleaves are waxed, greaseproof, silicone papers that are dispensed in rolls or sheets. Primarily ...


OvenPads® Heat Resistant Pads provide an absorbent pad capable of being heated by conventional ovens within ...


DryFreeze® Fish Pads are refrigerant “iceless-ice” cells essential for the transportation of chilled and frozen ...


The BulkSorb® Fish Pads range has grown on a worldwide scale from fish transportation to medical ...


BerrySorb® Fruit Pads are designed specifically to aid the long term freshness of soft fruits such ...


Foremost in the battle against food waste
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