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DryLeaves® Meat Interleaves

DryLeaves® Meat Interleaves are waxed, greaseproof, silicone papers that are dispensed in rolls or sheets. Primarily used as burger interleave sheets, the release papers allow the burgers to be frozen and separated easily without the need to defrost.

The DryLeaves® range can be produced to match the size requirements of any auto-dispensing equipment.

Boneguard®, also available in sheets or rolls, prevents sharp bones from puncturing vacuum bags and stops costly re-wraps.

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  • Boneguard on rolls & sheets
    Boneguard® on rolls & sheets
  • Many Shapes available
    Many Shapes available
  • Waxes, greaseproof & silicone papers
    Waxed, greaseproof, & silicone papers
DryLeaves Meat Interleaves

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