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Maintaining freshness for the end user

UniDry® Absorbent Fish Pads

The world’s lowest carbon footprint, high absorbency fish pad!

The new UniDry® Absorbent Pad is an eco-friendly alternative for use within fish retail packs.

The UniDry® range locks away harmful, bacteria-rich, liquids and maintains a fresh and clean fish pack for the end user. Plus, the sealed edge encloses all of the absorbent from any potential outage to the food area.

UniDry® absorbent pads for fish retail packs are available in a wide range of standard colours with special colours available on request.

Discover UniDry® Meat Pads retail packs.

Colossal absorbency with ultra-thin construction compared to traditional airlaid and SAF.

UniDry® with Infinity Core Absorbent Meat Pad Construction
  • 66% less shipping
  • 66% less storage
  • 50% less cellulose consumables
  • Sealed edge – no dust!

…which means UniDry® is the lowest carbon footprint absorbent fish pad in the world!

Contact sales@elliottabsorbents.co.uk to order your UniDry Fish Pads® samples today!

  • sealed edge pad
    With new Infinity-Core™
  • Large range
    Many sizes & absorbencies, 10000 - 26000ml* (Distilled water*)
  • colour cards
  • padlock
    Sealed edge for maximum freshness and 2/3 the thickness of standard Airlaid + SAF
  • Large range
    Standard Infinity-Core™ pad is 100mm x 135mm at 12000 Airlaid / SAF equivalent
UniDry Absorbent fish Pads in prawn packaging

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