infographic showing 60% reduction in shipping and storage footprint

Carbon footprint reduction for fresh fish industry with BulkSorb®.

Manufacturers, transporters, and suppliers of fresh fish products can reduce their carbon footprint by 60%, when shipping and storing absorbent pads for use in their product packaging, say Elliott Absorbent Products.

Elliotts, a market leader in the manufacture and sale of a wide range of absorbent products, launched the BulkSorb® range of absorbent pads for use in packaging in 2014, and the range has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Constructed with a super thin, high absorber at the core, the BulkSorb® range absorbs water through a semi-permeable non-woven base, and retains liquid with a super strong, glue-free proprietary edge seal.

The sealed edge pads are designed to meet the demand for a high performance pad, capable of absorbing large volumes of water, while standing up to the rigours of road, air, and sea freight transportation, thus helping to deliver fresh fish in pristine “just caught” condition.

BulkSorb’s® ultra thin absorbent core means a massive reduction in carbon footprint compared to traditional absorbers that use cellulose and SAP.

Matt Hankins, Managing Director of Elliott Absorbent Products, commented, “One of our customers recently costed the move from a well-known German absorbents supplier, to Elliotts. Our pads are 39.3g each and are 8,000 to a euro pallet. The German pads are 90.3g and are 5,000 to a pallet. The move has provided our customer with a 60% improvement in storage and shipping. The figures speak for themselves!”

Elliott Absorbent Products convert and re-sell a variety of high quality absorbents for the demanding requirements of the food, medical, and pharmaceutical related industries. Its largest field, food packaging, has always been a focussed and specialised field in which Elliotts has led the market for over 20 years.

Elliott’s absorbent pads are used by a wide range of retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers in the food industry. Food technologists agree that the liquid exudations from fresh protein food sources poses a significant bio-hazard in the form of heavy micro bacterial contents. Absorbent pads form a defending barrier against the protein source being left in direct contact with this hazard and, thus, help extend shelf life and improve food safety.

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